A Staggering Work of Heartbreaking Teen Lit

I recently finished reading The Catastrophic History of You and Me, by Jess Rothenberg. I don’t typically read teen lit (some of my friends may disagree, since, full disclosure, I have read Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight), but I had particular reasons for reading this one.
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Some tardy thoughts on accusations of racism in the backlash to Girls

This may be late in the game and no longer topical, but whatever; my timing, in life, love, poker, and social commentary, has always been bad. After wading through all the backlash against the show Girls and all the backlash against all the backlash against the show Girls, I’ve had my fill. Mixed metaphors aside, I’ve somewhat processed my thoughts on the matter.
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Weekend Listens

What are you listening to this weekend? What have you been listening to all week? What’s been stuck in your head?

Diana: The opening track of Sharon van Etten’s first EP Because I Was in Love is the type of moment that makes you shifty-eyed. You’re afraid to speak, because you want to preserve the sound waves exactly as they should be, but you’re trying desperately to catch someone else’s eye, to convey, Are you hearing this??
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