SEX(-positivism and the war over feminism)!!!

Now that I have your attention.

Reader, as I’ve made abundantly clear in a previous post, I’m no expert on feminism or female sexuality (curb the “That’s what she said” jokes, please), and I encourage any who are of the fairer and increasingly better educated sex to weigh in on this post, but I’ll soldier on, as this is a topic that I find very interesting and one that has contemporary relevance.
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Tim Tebow, Lefty

Today’s New York Times has an article about what may be the last remaining new angle on Tim Tebow–his left-handedness.

The headline: Tim Tebow Gives Left-Handers Someone to Cheer.

I’m left-handed. I’m not the only DUFLer who is–Anthony T is definitely a lefty, and I’m not sure about Diana, but she acts like a lefty.

I won’t be cheering Tim Tebow, and the fact that he and I share a hand will not enter in to that decision. My dislike of Tebow stems from his outspoken opposition to abortion rights, his insensitive missionary work, and his general football shittiness. (I also sometimes mock his virginity.)

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Annotated dialogue from an adult film

I will not go into detail as to how I first became aware of the film in question, other than to say that I watched it in the spirt of inquiry and discovery.

Unfortunately, I do not know the film’s title or production history. It appears to have been made in the 1970s, a period of time referred to as the “Golden Age of Pornography.” Many adult films made in this era had aspirations beyond the erotic, and had complex characters and plots.

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A long and likely very disorganized post about my thoughts on Jeremy Lin and, tangentially, issues in America

As an Asian-American male living in New York City, it’s fair to say that I’ve followed the Jeremy Lin saga with more than a passing interest. I’ve watched three of his performances this past week, by happenstance on Monday night, and deliberately on Friday and Saturday. Let the record show that I’m hardly an NBA fan (“Ugh, it’s a superstar league, and the end of games are so boring, with all the free throws and whatnot!”), and I’m particularly NOT a fan of New York City-based sports franchises (“Fucking fuckedy fuck! Fuck the New York Giants/Rangers/Knicks/Yankees! Eh, the Mets get a pass, I guess. Go Islanders!”).

I’m sure that a kajillion articles and blog posts have been written about JLin, and I’ve only read a handful of them, but after some deliberation over the past week, I think my thoughts on the JLin story have coagulated into something bloggable.
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