SEX(-positivism and the war over feminism)!!!

Now that I have your attention.

Reader, as I’ve made abundantly clear in a previous post, I’m no expert on feminism or female sexuality (curb the “That’s what she said” jokes, please), and I encourage any who are of the fairer and increasingly better educated sex to weigh in on this post, but I’ll soldier on, as this is a topic that I find very interesting and one that has contemporary relevance.
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Garry Trudeau’s take on “shmashmortion”

This past week, Garry Trudeau’s syndicated political comic strip Doonesbury pretty succinctly captures the GOP’s recent War on Women. Specifically, it references slut-shaming in the case of Sandra Fluke and a particularly noxious law in Texas. It’s so literal that it can hardly be called satire.
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What’s March 8th?

Several weeks ago, I was asking someone dear to me for blog entry suggestions when the following conversation ensued:

“You should write something for March 8th.”

“March 8th?”

“Yes, March 8th.”

“Um, what’s March 8th?”
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