Weekend Blog Roundup

What is a blog you discovered recently? Or a blog that you find yourself constantly returning to?

Matt M: I stumbled across Brian Leiter’s Nietzsche Blog while trying to justify my decision to attend a law school that just dropped six spots in the 2013 US News rankings.  As my comments on this blog make pretty clear, I’m really into Nietzsche, and, the older I get, the more I think that he is one of two or three philosopher-types who bothered to go to the trouble of being right about anything. Read the rest of this entry »

Weekend Listens

What are you listening to this weekend? What have you been listening to all week? What’s been stuck in your head?

Diana: The opening track of Sharon van Etten’s first EP Because I Was in Love is the type of moment that makes you shifty-eyed. You’re afraid to speak, because you want to preserve the sound waves exactly as they should be, but you’re trying desperately to catch someone else’s eye, to convey, Are you hearing this??
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Weekend Reads

What are you reading over the weekend?

Anthony T.: Man’s Search for Himself (1953) by Rollo May

Rollo May is one of the fathers of existential psychology, which takes a different view of psychotherapy in that meaning is what is central to human existence. May discusses of the problems of modern man– anxiety, loneliness and the death of God– in an academic but very readable work. If you enjoy Nietzche,  Kierkegaard or Rilke, you’ll dig this book.
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