It’s Pi Day, Pi Day

At the school where I work, we celebrate March Mathness during the month of March, and on March 14, as many other schools do, we celebrate Pi Day. Each year, we encourage the students to memorize as many digits of pi as they can. This year, the three students able to recite the most digits had the opportunity to pie members of the staff, myself included.
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Weekend Listens

What are you listening to this weekend? What have you been listening to all week? What’s been stuck in your head?

Diana: The opening track of Sharon van Etten’s first EP Because I Was in Love is the type of moment that makes you shifty-eyed. You’re afraid to speak, because you want to preserve the sound waves exactly as they should be, but you’re trying desperately to catch someone else’s eye, to convey, Are you hearing this??
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“Death To My Hometown”

Bruce Springsteen “Death To My Hometown”

Bruce Springsteen was the subject of an entire week of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week. He debuted the above song, which is about the financial crisis, and absolutely kicks ass.

(We can’t afford the embedded video feature of WordPress, but you really should click that link)

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