Oh, Reel-y: Asian Americans Abroad in Asia, Alliteratively

Shanghai Calling

Shanghai Calling hits all the cultural discord notes of the American abroad storyline, but adds a “homecoming” spin. Sam is a successful Chinese-American attorney in New York on the cusp of making partner when his superiors send him to Shanghai. While he initially can’t wait for his three-month tenure to end, he slowly finds a sense of community with the expat population there.
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Playing the Odds

A colleague pointed out to me today that the NY MegaMillions jackpot is now up to $500 million. Of course after taxes, the most anyone could take home is a mere $375,000,002 (or $269,250,000 if the winner takes the lump sum option). And while the Forbes Top 400 no longer has anyone worth less than a billion on there, a half billion dollars is a totally absurd amount of money to make on a mostly unproductive investment.

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It’s Pi Day, Pi Day

At the school where I work, we celebrate March Mathness during the month of March, and on March 14, as many other schools do, we celebrate Pi Day. Each year, we encourage the students to memorize as many digits of pi as they can. This year, the three students able to recite the most digits had the opportunity to pie members of the staff, myself included.
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