Dispatch from the home front: Financial District

The streets all smell like gasoline. Many are still wet. Some are covered in sand–sand, on the island of no beaches.

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It’s Opening Day, Opening Day

Ogden Nash, again

Line-up for Yesterday

I is for Me,
Not a hard-hitting man,
But an outstanding all-time
Incurable fan.

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Tim Tebow, Lefty

Today’s New York Times has an article about what may be the last remaining new angle on Tim Tebow–his left-handedness.

The headline: Tim Tebow Gives Left-Handers Someone to Cheer.

I’m left-handed. I’m not the only DUFLer who is–Anthony T is definitely a lefty, and I’m not sure about Diana, but she acts like a lefty.

I won’t be cheering Tim Tebow, and the fact that he and I share a hand will not enter in to that decision. My dislike of Tebow stems from his outspoken opposition to abortion rights, his insensitive missionary work, and his general football shittiness. (I also sometimes mock his virginity.)

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Why was George Zimmerman carrying a gun?

Two sentences of background, just in case:

George Zimmerman is a neighborhood watch volunteer in Sanford, Florida. Three weeks ago, he shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old black boy, as Martin was walking home from the convenience store.

If you’re familiar with the Contributors section of DUFL Press, you’ll know that it says I work in law enforcement. I do.

I don’t carry a gun for my job, though I am statutorily entitled to. Many of my colleagues do. To do so, they had to attend a multiple-week-long police academy, and pass physical and psychological examinations. They are tested for firearm accuracy at a gun range every six months. And they spend most of their time at a desk.

If you want to go out on patrol, like Zimmerman wished he could, the training is much more rigorous. The NYPD academy, for example, is six months long, with accuracy re-certifications at least every six months after that.

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A common cold, gadzooks, forsooth!

I was planning on writing something with some intellectual heft this week. Perhaps a response to Johns Bolton and Yoo’s ridiculous Op-Ed about defending America’s national security interests in outer space.

Then I was afflicted with the above illness. So instead you get Ogden Nash on my condition.

The Common Cold

Go hang yourself, you old M.D!
You shall not sneer at me.
Pick up your hat and stethoscope,
Go wash your mouth with laundry soap;
I contemplate a joy exquisite
In not paying you for your visit.
I did not call you to be told
My malady is a common cold.

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“Death To My Hometown”

Bruce Springsteen “Death To My Hometown”

Bruce Springsteen was the subject of an entire week of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week. He debuted the above song, which is about the financial crisis, and absolutely kicks ass.

(We can’t afford the embedded video feature of WordPress, but you really should click that link)

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Brooklyn Dodgers, 1955 World Series Parade

In honor of the opening of Spring Training:

Since the guy in picture doesn’t need to be identified, I’ll explain how I came into these photos.

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