Dispatches from Yap: Nightfishing and the Rule of Threes (1)

My spearfishing experiences on Yap have been nothing short of embarrassing. Regardless, I wanted to successfully spear at least a few fish before my time on Yap was up. Faced with my poor spear gun aim and the low odds of hitting anything with a Hawaiian sling during the day, the logical thing to do was to skewer them while they slept.
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Dispatches from Yap: Shakespeare on Law and Development

Shakespeare on Law and Development

I moved to the island of Yap in Micronesia about a year ago to work as a law clerk for the state court. The job’s laid-back island setting affords me ample time to read and think about things that I would be too distracted or “busy”–most likely addressing the urgent task of evaluating some new bar’s Old Fashioned while helping my friends fail with women–to tackle if I were still in the City. When I first got here, the atmosphere and my background bred a fanatical appetite for “law and development” literature. The more I read, though, the more I found that much of it was hard to take too seriously.
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