DUFL Press currently is Jonathan H., Anthony K., Diana, Matt M., Mike, and Anthony T. They all live in or around DUFL, except for Matt M.

Jonathan H. is a transplanted midwesterner who was born on an island in East Asia. He works with children and occasionally with computers. He draws, writes, reads, and gambles. He is an unfaithful vegetarian. His super power is he doesn’t suffer from hangovers.

Anthony K. is a lapsed Catholic and a lapsed Southerner. He works as a lawyer for a nonprofit.

Diana grew up in New Jersey with a pet peacock who lived in her backyard shed and ate cup noodles. She works in publishing. She has no sense of humor, but is occasionally unintentionally funny.

Matt M. currently lives in Vancouver. For a time, he worked as a law clerk in Yap, Micronesia, living there with his lovely Canadien Yapese-common-law spouse. He drank at least one coconut every day and compulsively fed stray dogs. Before moving to Micronesia, he could be observed throughout Brooklyn caffeinating himself and exaggerating his understanding of advanced mathematics.

Mike is a Mets fan, which is another way of saying he is not a results-oriented person. He is from Long Island, with a detour to New England. His hobbies include drinking and talking about baseball, usually at the same time. He works in law enforcement.

Anthony T. loves the Oakland A’s, Rilke, and drinking martinis. Occasionally he writes poetry that he deems passable to share with the world, but he mostly hoards it in his room in stacked notebooks. For his day job, he is a therapist and social worker.

One Comment on “Contributors”

  1. Jonathan H. says:

    Diana, did you or your pet peacock eat cup noodles? Or both?

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