Siren Call of the Open Road

My buddy Jordan Sullivan currently has a solo show up at Clic Gallery. This past Thursday, I attended the opening reception with DUFL’s own Anthony T.

The exhibition, called Roadsongs, showcases a series of large-scale photographs printed on heavy matte paper, accompanied by text in handwritten cursive. The title of the show is fitting, as the pieces sound the siren call of the open road. Jordan’s pictures, taken over the past few years from his travels around the country touring with his band as well as a stint doing construction work in Texas, have a worn, vintage quality, faded like a favorite pair of jeans. The images of sprawling fields, truck stops, endless highways, and old trees stretching in front of a setting sun look like scenes from Kerouac’s old America. Jordan’s words, hovering between prose and poetry, read like miniature short stories, stolen journal entries, or as he describes them, “weird forgotten song lyrics.” The beautiful pieces conjured a strange nostalgia for memories of experiences I never had and stirred a familiar restlessness I’d thought I’d abandoned in my early and mid twenties. The romance of America still exists.

Roadsongs will be up until May 13. See if if you get a chance.

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