Weekend Blog Roundup

What is a blog you discovered recently? Or a blog that you find yourself constantly returning to?

Matt M: I stumbled across Brian Leiter’s Nietzsche Blog while trying to justify my decision to attend a law school that just dropped six spots in the 2013 US News rankings.  As my comments on this blog make pretty clear, I’m really into Nietzsche, and, the older I get, the more I think that he is one of two or three philosopher-types who bothered to go to the trouble of being right about anything.

Anthony Tshering: There seems to be a new tradition in Buddhism that I like to call “punk rock zen.” It’s usually perpetuated by white males who used a lot of drugs, played in bands and are usually part of the atheistic Buddhist traditionNoah Levine, an ex-punk rocker, heroin addict was the first one I discovered.

Recently I discovered Brad Warner, the bass guitarist of the underground punk band  Zero Defex, and his blog Hardcore Zen. To the say the least, it’s interesting, as he pulls no punches in challenging the beliefs of the most respected Buddhist masters. He’s kind of a prick, but he’s my kind of prick: smart, irreverent and passionate about his Zen as a way of transformation.

Diana: I recently rediscovered this photo blog from Toronto-based photographer Sam Javanrouh. He posts a picture a day, mostly architecturally interesting cityscapes of Toronto. This is one of my favorite images of his – although it’s all about the subject and not really the photo.

Anthony K: Freddie deBoer’s blog L’Hote is not exactly new to me, but one that’s been utterly fantastic lately. I particularly liked this post about self-contentment among well-educated Americans, the perfect piece for our times, which I can’t resist quoting:

“You know, maybe the problem with this sick fucked-up culture is precisely that people don’t feel guilty, that everyone is so endlessly proud of their pathology and narcissism, that Seinfeld taught everyone that the people on that show were cool and smart, instead of miserable, horrid creatures crawling around and treating each other terribly.”

And on the more personal side: this post, there., is about the author’s childhood and about learning to see past privilege. It’s gorgeously written.

Jonathan H: I don’t really do blogs. I guess I follow some poker blogs that nobody else would find interesting. I don’t seek out new music the way I did in my early 20s, but I still have stereogum in my rss feed. Occasionally it’s rad when they post gems like this.

My friend Jordan is a photographer, and his blog has some of his work, which I really like. He’s curating a photography show at Clic Gallery, and the opening reception is next Wednesday, March 28, from 6-8pm. I encourage NYC-area readers of this blog to check it out.

One Comment on “Weekend Blog Roundup”

  1. Anthony K says:

    Matt, you’ve probably already seen this, but there’s an interview of Brian Leiter in 3am Magazine that honestly ranks among the smartest things I’ve read online.

    He provides a pretty convincing framework for seeing the last 200+ years of philosophical debate and identifies the rifts in the starkest terms. And by tying it to politics and legal practice, he manages to convey why these disagreements matter. This passage in particular has stayed with me:

    “to my mind, the dispute between Marx and Nietzsche is as stark as any dispute can be: they are both naturalists and realists, but Marx adopts the point of view of the majority, while Nietzsche adopts the point of view of the genius elite – not the capitalist elite I hasten to add, since he regarded them as contemptible herd-animals, like the mass of humanity. The choice between those two evaluative viewpoints isn’t one that can be made on rational grounds. What worries me, as someone who mostly sides with Marx, is Nietzsche’s challenge that a culture defined by egalitarian values is one in which genius will no longer be possible. I still don’t know what to think about that challenge, but it’s the most serious one to Marxism and to liberalism on offer.”

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