Interludes from Yap: A Dog Owner’s Dilemma


A Dog Owner’s Dilemma

My Lemon is an island mutt.

Platonic form of dog, sure, but

Accustomed to the Yap milieu,

I worry I can’t bring her to

A city in a colder clime

Where she won’t have as good a time

She stomps and chases, barks and bites

At neighbor dogs while she play fights.

She pilfers things from peoples’ homes,

Like children’s toys and turtle bones.

Children, chickens, cats?  Villains all!

She scares them with her barking call.

A dog like this on Bedford Ave,

It might be a good thing to have.

From nipping hipsters’ spindly legs,

To nabbing dive bars’ frothy kegs.

Dreaming aside, I have my doubt.

Within Yap, happy, sad without?

A city dog lives life enclosed.

To be behaved it is supposed.

It sits and speaks and fetches stuff.

It’s civilized, no edges rough.

It’s got none of that wolvey pride

That city folk so oft deride.

I ponder city life sans pup,

The dog’s so fine I can’t give up.

If city bitches’ judging eyes

Think she’s uncouth, it won’t surprise,

But she’ll be there to show those pets

As good as being a dog gets.

So if we amble down your street,

Remember when she barks to greet,

A dog proficient in her romp,

Can put to shame Westminster’s pomp.

If fortune favors puppies bold,

Our future’s lined with rough-hewn gold. 


One Comment on “Interludes from Yap: A Dog Owner’s Dilemma”

  1. Jonathan H. says:

    What’s with this spate of rhyming couplets taking over DUFL? It’s the 21st century, for crying out loud. Free verse, dammit, FREE VERSE!!!

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