Darkness by Paul Celan

In honor of newly unemployed status, a poem by Paul Celan.

The urns of stillness are empty.

In branches
the swelter of speechless songs
chokes black.

Blunt hourposts
grope towards a strange time.

A wingbeat whirls.

For the owls in the heart
death dawns.
Treason falls into your eyes –

My shadow strives with your scream –

The east smokes after this night…
Only dying

2 Comments on “Darkness by Paul Celan”

  1. Jonathan H. says:

    You should post more of your own poetry, especially now that you’ve joined the ranks of the unemployed, you starving artist you.

    • Larry Shelby says:

      You should be so blessed to fall into the ranks of the unemployed and starving!!!
      You too may then be inclined to write a “poem” of despair…

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